The ProcessMaker mobile app provides access to cases anytime, anywhere. Create and respond to cases, while using features that are only available for mobile devices like QR scanners or Geo-localization.


Mobile Device:
Android 4.4 or higher (Recommended to have a 3.7 inch screen or larger).

ProcessMaker or later.

Getting ProcessMaker from the Play Store

ProcessMaker Mobile can be downloaded from:

Getting ProcessMaker from the Play Store App

On your cellphone, go to the main screen and look for the Play Store. To get the ProcessMaker app, tap on the search bar at the top of the screen. Enter "ProcessMaker" and tap on the first search result that appears, which is the ProcessMaker app.

Now, it is possible to download ProcessMaker by tapping on the INSTALL button. A new window displays to select which permissions to grant the app access. Tap on the ACCEPT button to begin the process of installation. This may take a few moments.

When the "ProcessMaker" app finishes installing, a notification on the cellphone shows that it has been successfully installed and a new icon appears on the main screen. Now, tap on ProcessMaker icon on the main screen to open the application.

Getting ProcessMaker from the Play Store Web Page

Download the ProcessMaker mobile app by going to this link. Click on the Install button.

Note that you must be logged on to your Gmail account; otherwise, the Google Sign in page displays.

After you are logged on, select the device associated to the Gmail account where ProcessMaker Mobile will be installed, and then click on the INSTALL button.

The following message displays, and ProcessMaker Mobile will download automatically to the device selected the next time the device has Internet access.

Updating ProcessMaker Mobile

The ProcessMaker Mobile application is always trying to deliver a better experience; therefore, when a new version is released, it will be necessary to update the app.

To update ProcessMaker Mobile, go to the application in the Play Store, look for ProcessMaker and the Update button will be available.

Tap on the Update button. A message appears asking to allow certain permissions, but ProcessMaker Mobile does not require any additional or special permissions.

After tapping on the ACCEPT button, the new version will start downloading.

This may take a few moments, but after the new version is downloaded a notification that the application is up to date displays.

Starting with ProcessMaker Mobile

The moment "ProcessMaker" is opened, a summary of the product features appears. Each of the screens shows a brief description of a few ProcessMaker Mobile functions:

The last screen displays a login screen. Tap on the Login button if you already have credentials, otherwise click on the Register button. If you do not have credentials, tap on the Register button and fill in the information in the window that appears. Tap on Continue after all of the fields are filled in. After tapping the Login button or registering a new account, the next window displays the user(name) and password fields. Either enter your login credentials into the fields or sign in with a Google account.

Note: When updating the ProcessMaker Mobile app, remember that the application depends on the release of the new version of ProcessMaker. Many of the functionalities of the application change with the update of ProcessMaker Web Edition. This means that the mobile app must be used with the latest version of ProcessMaker. We recommend disabling automatic updates to avoid any inconvenience.

The Case List

This section discusses how to use the case list, as well as several other options when running a case on a mobile version of Android. After you log on, the Inbox screen displays.

Slide the screen to the right to display a menu where all available options for the app can be found as seen in the image below.

Using the Case List

Work with cases directly from the mobile app using the Case List button. The Case List button is in the upper left side of the screen; it is the icon that has three horizontal lines.

When this button is tapped a new screen appears on the left side of the screen. Here, you can see everything happening with your processes. The options in the Case List are the following:

Each of these are explained in the following sections.


The Inbox screen includes the list of all the cases assigned to the user in the desktop version of ProcessMaker. The cases are initially ordered first by their case number and then by the name of the case. Choose a case in the inbox and tap on it.

If the first case was tapped on, it will open so the user can start working on it as in ProcessMaker web edition.

The case statuses are "On time", "At risk" or "Overdue", as seen on the image below.


The Unassigned panel includes all cases that can be claimed by a pool of users assigned to the task. The user will have the power to assign himself/herself to the task. When there are cases in the Unassigned inbox, then anyone can claim the case to work on it. Work on an unassigned case by tapping on it. Once opened, details about the unassigned case, like the status, date, description and more, are shown.

Tap on the Claim this case button to assign the case to yourself and start working on it.


The Draft inbox includes cases that are being edited or advanced by the user, but have not yet been submitted. Cases are considered to be a draft after the user edits case data by submitting a Dynaform or uploading an input document, or after moving to a subsequent step in the current task.

Continue working on a case draft by tapping on it. The Dynaform of that case will immediately appear for the user to continue to work on it.


The Participated panel includes all the cases that the user has sent or participated in. Click on a case and its information will be displayed on the screen.

When any "Participated" case is tapped on, the information about the case will be displayed, including, the creation date, the last date updated, the owner, the name of the process and more.

New Case

The mobile app allows users to create a new case of a process previously created in the ProcessMaker Web Edition. The New Case list displays all the cases that the user has been designated to work on but has not yet begun. To start a case, tap on the plus sign button located at the top of the screen marked with a red circle.

All available processes for that particular user will be listed, and any of them can be started by tapping on the process.

When a case is tapped, the process will start with the first task or the task that the process is in, as in standard version of ProcessMaker.

Search for a Process

The mobile app allows users to search a process for a process in the list of processes.
Search for a process by tapping on the search box located at the top of the screen.

Type the name of a process and the processes list will be filtered based on the search input.

Additional Options

Beside the case list, there are also a few more options to consider. which include:


Go to the main menu by sliding the screen to the right. Locate the Logout button.

The Logout option will ask the user if they want to logout of the application and erase all associated information. Tap on OK to quit the ProcessMaker Mobile app or tap on Cancel to go back to the main screen.


In the main menu by sliding the screen to the right. Click on the About button.

This option will pop-up a window where it is posible watch the version of the application and the code of the build. Tap on OK to quit the window and go back to the main screen.

Case Notes

Add a case note to a case by tapping on the pencil icon in the bottom right corner of any case.

In the new window select the pencil icon in order to create a new case note

A new window will open where notes can be added.

in the "Type your note here" section, add any note that applies to the case. Check the Send Mail button to send the mail. Finally, click on the Post button to store the note added.


Observe the history of a case by tapping on the square with a clock icon in the bottom right corner of any case.

A new window wih the history of the case will be displayed. This includes the name, the person assigned, the status and the date and time of the tasks.

Dynaform Controls on Mobile

When running cases, end users only interact with Dynaforms when inputting data into the form, viewing information sent from other users or viewing information that has been automatically generated by the execution of triggers or JavaScript in the project. For more information visit the page Mobile Controls

Uninstalling ProcessMaker

To uninstall ProcessMaker Mobile, either look for the application in the Google Play Store and tap on the Uninstall option, or simply drag and drop the ProcessMaker icon on your smartphone's homescreen to the recycle bin.

For Android Lollipop 5.X users, it is recommended to uninstall ProcessMaker Mobile by going to Settings > Applications > ProcessMaker > More, and tapping on the Uninstall for all users option to avoid possible re-installation issues.