Google Services and Enterprise Connectors

Warning: Gmail Contextual Gadgets have been deprecated by Google and will be permanently shut down on August 1, 2018. Take into account that this action impacts ProcessMaker's Google Services functionality. We will let you know about the required changes to support these upcoming changes.

The following Google connectors are available to be downloaded through the connector public library:

  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive
  • Google Sheets

Google Services

Take into consideration that each one of these connectors created by default has their own configuration and their own parameters to be defined. Therefore, it is recommended to read the Google API documentation.

Google Calendar

The Enterprise Connectors plugin has integration with the Google Calendar API.

Google Drive

The Enterprise Connectors plugin has integration with the Google Drive API.

Google Sheets

The Enterprise Connectors plugin has integration with the Google Sheets API.

For this, an authentication configuration named Service Google Account is included by default inside the configuration auth section. This configuration only needs a service account file credential to work succesfully.

When using a Google Endpoint with PM Connectors some particular settings must be configured.

Creating a Service Account Configuration

To generate the credential key needed to integrate ProcessMaker Enterprise Connectors with a Google account, create a new service account in the Google Developers Console page of the Google account.

Access the Google Developers Console page and create a new project.

Provide the name of the project and select the App Engine Region.

After creating the project, it will be usually opened in the API Manager tab, click on the icon menu on the top left corner to display a menu.

In the displayed menu, select the IAM & Admin option.

From the left menu, choose Service Accounts option to create a new service account and click on the Create service account button.

Provide a name to the service account in the "Create service account" window. Then, check the Furnish a new private key option to download the file that contains the private key. Download the private key as a .json file, after checking the Furnish a new private key option, select the JSON option and click on Create.

The service will be created and the private key .json file will be generated and downloaded to your local computer. It serves as the only copy of this key, store it securely.

The service account created will be listed in the Service accounts tab in the link. The information of this list includes the "Service Account", the "Service Account ID", the "Key ID", the "Key creation date" and its options.

Providing the Authorization Key

After obtaining the private key from the Google Developers Console page, return to ProcessMaker PMConnectors tab. Edit the Service Account Google configuration.

Edit the file_credential parameter.

Note: According to the Service Account configuration, the other parameters have been filled out.

In the next dialog, click on Choose File, navigate and select the .json file Google Service Account generated. Once done, click on Save.

Finally, click the Test button to test the configuration. If the configuration is ready, a green message will be displayed at the top of the window. Click on the Save.

This configuration is already assigned to the Google category under the "Categories" section.

Enabling Google API

In order to allow the Enterprise Connectors plugin to access the user Google account information, it is necessary to enable the API requests.

Go to the Google API Console of your Google Account, make sure you are in the PMConnectors project just created and look for the Google Apps APIs section.

Under this section, select the service: Drive API, Calendar API, Sheets API to authorize depending on what type of connectors are used.

For example, click on the Calendar API option. In the next page, click the Enable button to allow the access to user data.